Bree and I met the first day of Nordstrom training way back in 2014. We were both in transitional periods of our lives. We became fast friends and she is still one of my favorite people ever. It has been such an honor watching her grow and discover her path over the last few years. She's one amazing badass.

Name: Bryenne (Bree) Scott

Title: Image Curator - Specializing in Styling, Personal Shopping, & Design 

Age: 25

Instagram: @bestyleme_

How did you find your path/story?

It's interesting, I actually found my path by doing a shit ton of soul searching paired with waking up one day & deciding to go out and CREATE it. 

What is a significant moment that helped lead you to where you are today? 

I was fresh out of college, fresh out of deciding NOT to pursue advertising anymore because I wanted to pursue fashion instead, & freshly trying to figure out how I was gonna pull it off. So, I started by getting a job in retail because I mean, it was a start right?  While working at Nordstrom for less than a year I got into a potentially fatal car accident. By the grace of God I ended up leaving that car accident without a single scratch on my body.

The craziest part was that right before the accident happened I was in the middle of praying (I'm super spiritual). I was just in a very unsure state during that time of my life about everything in general. So In that prayer, I was simply talking to God about showing me some sort of sign that I'm making the right decision career wise. Then just like that I'm involved in a very random and nearly fatal car accident. I totaled my car, I was shocked that I made it out alive and I was even more stunned at the fact that it happened mid-prayer. So if that wasn't some sort of sign then I don't know what was.

I realized that the accident was a blessing in disguise. It basically pushed me into the direction that I needed to be in. I moved back home to Chicago, assisted a prominent commercial wardrobe stylist on a couple of editorial shoots, styled and wrote copy for a local handbag designer and got another job in retail, but this time as an Assistant Manager. After working that position for a while I decided that I wasn't happy and I still wasn't doing what it was that I really wanted to do. I was also going through a really bad break up so I was just all around unhappy. I woke up one day and literally, in that moment, decided to take control of my life by turning all of the negative feelings of career uncertainty and sadness from my break up into motivation.

Right then and there is when I reached out to a really good family friend of mine, who is also from Chicago, living in L.A. & working under Magic Johnson. Surprisingly enough, that convo turned into a really deep conversation and I ended up telling her about my hopes and dreams of being this big time stylist one day. Once I was done pouring my heart out to her she hit me with the "Bree, If you wanna be in the game then you have to be in the arena". Truest statement ever told. So after that convo the rest was history. I landed a job in L.A. at a company that styles and makes custom clothing predominantly for pro athletes like Magic Johnson, Anthony Davis, & Russel Westbrook and I'm currently building an independent brand for myself that will allow me to be my own 'badass' boss. 

How did you find what makes you happy? 

I just honestly dug deep inside of myself and tried to think of what I enjoyed doing as a kid. I would ask myself "What did I do as a favorite pastime growing up". As I started reflecting on that I realized that me being a 10 year old girl with a paper stack of fashion designs as thick as a bible was not just a coincidence.

Role Models: My strong mother of mine, Sophia Amoruso, & Monica Rose 

Beauty Product You Can't Live Without: My eyebrow pencil & my Night Moth lip liner by MAC. Especially the liner. It's basically the air I breath lol 

What does authenticity mean to you?

Authenticity, like style, to me, just means knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn. 

What is one piece of advice you would give to your middle school self?

I would tell my middle school self to chill and to not write that letter to my crush asking him to be my boyfriend 😩 . No, but seriously, I would just tell my middle school self to just stay true to who you are what you want to do. 

What does a successful day look like for you?

To me a successful day consists of me checking off a significant amount of tasks on my daily checklist while slaying in my outfit all day and connecting with like minded people. Oh..and having a good hair and eyebrow day is the cherry on top :) 

What is the hardest thing (personally or professionally) that you have had to face? And what have you learned from it?

Professionally: The hardest thing would probably be having to deal with hate and jealousy from other people who want to see you fail. Because the fashion industry is somewhat competitive, I've dealt with my share of backstabbing and overall negativity, but I just learned that the best way to deal with that is to 'stay true to you' & to 'kill em with kindness'. Keep a smile on your face, stay professional, leave your haters confused & don't let them see you sweat 💅🏽

Personally: My family wasn't the wealthiest or most stable when I was growing up. Im the eldest of 5 and my father was incarcerated so my mother was basically a single mother for most of our upbringing. So I've dealt with my family being homeless and moving from house to house while I was away at school and having to adapt to different environments constantly. But the best way I've dealt with life's struggles is by remembering to always stay humble, stay grateful for what I DO have and to always try to make a way out of no way. 

How do you handle tough days or situations?

Honestly, by just taking a moment to call up a friend from home that I can vent to or by listening to music. Those two things really help with refocusing myself back into good spirits. It's good to blow off steam and try to re center yourself as soon as possible. Never let negative energy dwell for too long.

What is your proudest moment?

My proudest moment to date would probably be the day I moved to L.A. & deciding to actually take my career by the reigns. 

How do you handle societal pressures to be a certain way or do certain things? (ex: pressure to have sex or drink or dress a certain way) 

I'm just a huge believer in societal standard rebellion & just individuality in general so it comes natural for me but when I do feel the societal pressures to be a certain a way in a given situation I just quickly have to remind myself that I have my own brain. I'm my own person and so with that being said I'm gonna do what makes me most comfortable and happy at the end of the day. Period :)