Diving Into Discomfort

The discomfort is the magical place where we are required to drop what we know and begin again. It is the place for creation to take place. It is the place to reimagine and realign. Becoming a YES for the discomfort and the change and most importantly, the GROWTH.

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Beauty Bae

I am in a full blown skin care and beauty obsession thanks to premature wrinkles (wear your sunscreen, boys and girls!!!!). I'm actually trying new products and admittedly falling for the pretty packaging all over again. These are just a few of the many photos that have been inspiring me. 

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Finding Ease In The Mess

This is not a post of motivation or intended inspiration. It has no large life realization or profound wisdom I have uncovered. I haven’t figured it out, I’m not confident in these words. This is just me, meeting myself where I am at right now. 

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You Are Not In Middle School Anymore.

Sitting here in the midst of adulthood, I realize that the cycle of shitty beliefs I created as a kid still steps in and controls my life from time to time. I still attribute much of my discontent to the fact so much of my internal validation can be control by external sources. This only happens when I am in situations similar to when “attention and success = love” was born. 

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