Alexander Wang S/S ' 14


LOVE.  That's all I can say! The Alexander Wang ready-to-wear spring 2014 campaign was released right before NYC Fashion week.  When questioned about the inspiration for the shoot, Wang said, "The spring-summer 2014 collection plays on the duality of naivete and perverse explicitness in youth culture. . . I loved blurring the lines between censorship and humor." - Reported by

I personally think that the campaign is beautiful! It is refreshing to see such a high designer do something fun yet, still managing to retain its edge and beauty.  I think it captures the current 90's grunge mindset that we are all re-living.  Wang captures the "cool teen"  rebellious mentality and presents it in an incredibly enthralling and alluring manner.  

The campaign initially made me think of the classic Full House episode where innocent Stephanie Tanner is peer-pressured by the "it girls" to smoke her first cigarette in the girls bathroom.  For Wang to present the collection in this setting is genius because it is so easily relatable, yet it is also unattainable.  It allows viewers to live out the "cool girl" dream (yes, we've all had it at one time or another) vicarious through the campaign and the clothes.

This campaign gets an A+ in my book.  It strikes the perfect balance of promiscuity, purity, and humor!  Let me know what you think in the comments below!  Get your Alexander Wang here
-XO Brooklynn

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