Senior Spring Break Diary


HAPPY SPRING BREAK!  It is finally time to get away, get tan, get blondes, and get relaxed.  So far, so good here in sunny California!  Conveniently this week is Palm Springs Fashion Week (needless to say that I will be there). 

The first day here in Cali was quite an adventure.  It consisted of shopping, shopping, and some tanning.  This morning we went to the local Flea Market.  I must say, I was incredibly unimpressed.  Flea Markets are supposed to be a place for local artists and creators to sell their goods.  This one was all whole-sale junk from China.  Oh well, I cannot complain when I'm in my most favorite place in the entire world.
- Orange and white striped tee
- Faded denim overalls
- Top Shop necklace set

The first day I wore my Triangl swimsuit and it was amazing!  The bottoms are made out of the same material as scuba-suits so it does a fantastic job of sucking everything in and making you look slimmer (who wouldn't love that?!)  

Besides lying out all day, I got the opportunity to visit Loyola Marymount university and Chapman University.  Both schools were absolutely gorgeous and the perfect California schools :)

Finally, the last day was spent back relaxing and spending time with family!  I am so grateful to have gotten the break!  It is scary to think that in 5 weeks I will be graduating!  The week was in essence what spring break is supposed to be... Relaxing, sun filled, and great fun.  I hope everyone had an incredible break! 


FashionBrooke Lowrey