Becoming A #PlantSlut


So you bought yourself a plant and are now thinking "what do I do with it?" Or perhaps you are contemplating adding some life to your home and are clueless where to begin. Girlfriend (or boy), I've got your back. These are all the basics you know need to know for taking care of the easiest living thing you can legally own. Don't worry, I'll make it very easy with 3 steps.

#1 Choosing your first plant can be overwhelming and slightly discouraging. You would think adding a bit of green to your place would be easy, but no. There are hundreds - if not thousands - of different plants you can choose from (Mom, I don't know how you did this without internet). First question to ask yourself is "Do I want temporary flowers or something that will live a long time?" If you want something easy and temporary, I suggest hydrangeas. Not only are they my favorite flower but they can last for weeks if you change the water every few days and keep out of the sun. If you decide on a longer lasting plant, succulents are the way to go (honestly though, steer clear of Aloe plants... they seem like a good investment but are the biggest bitch to take care of). Your plants should reflect who you are and the type of space you want to create.


#2 Congrats! You are a new momma to a baby plant. Now what? Well, do some research on your choice of plant. For example, succulents SHOULD NOT be water frequently at all. You will drown it if you try to water it everyday or even once a week. I water my bigger one every 2-3 weeks and my small ones about once every 2 weeks. Another big tip for cactus and succulents is to KEEP THEM BY THE SUN! They are plants and they need that yummy goodness (sunlight) to function. Don't deprive them that or they are as good as dead.

#3 Love your new babies and appreciate all the goodness they have to share with you. Just like everything in our universe, plants have an energy frequency- theirs in particular can help quiet and relax you your home. Bigger ferns and plants will drastically improve the air quality and breathability. Have fun with it. Buy some cute pots and vases to show off your hard work and appreciate all the earth has to share with you.

When in doubt, buy a fake plant and call it a day.

LifestyleBrooke Lowrey