Cleansing Routine Winter 2016


I hope you all are having a fantastic winter day! I figured I would take some time to talk about my daily wash routines.   A couple of these are strictly for the shower but, the rest is my normal face routine.  Check out all my favorites when it comes to getting fresh and clean.

I am a scrub-addict.  This one from Bath & Body works is my go-to.  Warm Vanilla Sugar has been my go to scent since I was in middle school and I just love it! Some times their scrubs can be a bit oily so I make sure to use normal soap first! That way you clean off all the dirt, then can exfoliate and moisturize with the scrub's natural oils. 

This is a girl MUST! It is a pH balancer which helps to alleviate and prevent anything crazy from happening down there.  I use it everyday when I shower to clean and feel totally fresh!

I am going to preface this by saying I have struggled with acne for a long time.  I have combination skin.  The top layer tends to get really dry and is very sensitive.  The underneath layers are oily.  After years of many many trials and errors, this has become my full proof skincare routine.  Bonus points: they are all drugstore items.

Cetaphil Daily Cleanser is my favorite face wash.  I have been using it for years now and I don't think I could use something else.  It is just a simple and basic cleanser.  It doesn't have any fragrances or any other unnecessary stuff.  It even gets off my foundation and powders, hassle free.

I used to be a hardcore Clarisonic fan but, now I never really use it!  Clarisonics tend to hold on bacteria and can cause breakouts.  Unless you are dedicated to changing the head every other month, it can cause issues. This St. Ives product just kinda stumbled into my life and now, it is such a necessary item.  I will wash my face with Cetaphil and then, before rinsing, I add this on.  I have incredibly sensitive skin and this is the perfect exfoliator.  I use it with no face wash in the morning and have noticed my makeup goes on much smoother,  I cannot say enough good things about it. Please do yourself and favor and try this!

Toning my face has become one of my favorite steps.  I love Simple products because they are, well, simple.  Nothing too over the top but it helps catch any left over makeup + calms my skin.  I use it mornings and nights.

I used to use the topical prescription Epiduo.  I didn't like the idea of my skin putting such harsh medicine on my face everyday for years.  My acne got significantly better after going on birth control (I have hormone imbalance caused acne).  I have started to love this! I use it every night on my spots and it fixes them pretty quickly + doesn't dry out my face.


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