College Diary: Why Does Being Decisive Make Me A Bitch?


As girls, we are notorious for saying the phrase "I don't care".  When we are asked what movie we want to see or where we want to go for dinner, more often than not, girls will respond with a simple "I don't care".  Yes, sometimes I am guilty of this but only when I really am in a laid back mood and actually do not care.  So often girls are afraid to speak their mind in fear of rocking the boat or inducing confrontation.  In my experience though, girls are big fat girl haters.  9 times out of 10, it is a girl judging another girl when she is strong minded and opinionated.  Guess what? That's bullshit.

I am pretty sure I came out of the womb when I wanted to.  My mom tells me that I was making decisions about the clothes I wore even before I could speak.  I have always had my own agenda and have been stubborn as heck when it comes to sticking to my beliefs.  I am confident in my ability to make decisions and that also means that I live with the consequences of my actions.  And boy 'o boy have I lived the consequences of my own actions.  I make choices that reflect what I think is best for me and the things I care about. Don't ever judge someone for that. I have been called the B word many times in my life.  Actually, I tend to get called that a lot.  Yes, maybe I can occasionally be a tad harsh, but I always speak the truth. And I refuse to settle for mediocracy or any situation that doesn't serve me or a passion of mine.  My decisiveness has become one of my strongest attributes.  

As humans, we owe it to ourselves to better our lives and have opinions.  Even if it is as small of a thing such as, choosing a movie to see or picking a dinner location, you owe it to yourself to voice your thoughts.  Let's start supporting girls that make decisions and speak their mind.  If someone is speaking with true intentions and a sense of integrity, why do you need to judge them for being strong minded?

Does it make me a bitch because I speak my mind and give my opinion? No. It makes me someone who is not afraid to create the life I want to live.

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