How To Be Happy


Some thoughts and personal beliefs on achieving happiness.

  • Make peace with your story. This one is probably the most important steps in finding your happy. You need to own every single last element of what you have done and what has happened to you - the good, the bad and the ugly. Every memory and experience has made you who you are today. Life lessons can be found so make that the main focus of your experiences.


  • Write down what makes you happy while you are happy and enjoying life. If you are anything like me, anxiety and sadness can cloud your thoughts and memories and it becomes easy to forget what makes you smile and feel pure joy. Having a list to reflect on and inspire you can help when you aren't feeling great.


  • Pay attention to the mind, body and soul. It takes a balance of all three to make you feel at peace. If one element of this is out of whack, your whole life can feel in disarray. 


  • Be 100% honest with yourself at all times. This is important even when you don’t like the truth and even when it’s really hard to face. The only way to be truly happy is to be completely real with what you are feeling and thinking at all times.


  • Strike a balance between emotion and reason. Take it from a girl that tends to get caught up with her feelings in a situation(me). My mom does a really good job of reminding me of this when I am stressed out. She simply asks “Brooke, are you thinking with your head or your heart?” Being able to notice this and find a balance is when you can reach real harmony.


  • Throw yourself whole heartedly into something you are interested in. Make it your top priority and your whole life. If you are unsure what makes you happy or are curious, try anything. Just do everything until you find what makes you happy.


  • Let things and people go when they no longer serve you or make you happy. It can be scary to think about being alone or releasing a part of your life but the reward can pay off in the long run. Do not mistake this as quitting or giving up. This applies only when the activity or person around negatively effects your life and doesn’t add anything positive anymore.


  • Embrace intimacy whenever you can. This is not just about sexual energy. Intimacy can be found in deep and meaningful conversations with friends and family. It comes from being vulnerable and appreciating others' ability to express and be honest with themselves. Intimacy is when you can see someones soul and connect with it on some level. These special moments are the ones you will cherish for the rest of your life.
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