It Is Time To Let Life Happen To You

I woke up today with a funny sense of empowerment. I feel good in a very odd way - not in a dancing around or smiling ear to ear but in a stronger and more deeply rooted way. I am proud of myself. I have pulled myself up over and over again and I am proud that I carry on every day. 

I have told my friends this thousands of times already but 2017 feels really fantastic to me. I just have this feeling that it is the greatest year. This is the year for me. 

I can feel it in my bones.

It is the time of adventure.

It is the time to explore to my big heart's content. 

It is the time to love yourself so completely. 

It is the time to love and build others up and support their journeys. 

It is the time to live so simply and purely.

It is the time to value your own worth and time. 

It is the time to let life happen to you.

It is the time to radiate love and joy. 

It is the time to live blissfully happy.

I sit here looking ridiculous, smiling and tearing up as I write this because I feel really good. I feel really light and really grounded in my life. I feel like myself again but a new me that I never knew existed. One that is growing and finally coming into her own. I am so appreciative for this moment and feeling. It is amazing what a little quite time and reflection can do for the soul.