How To Look Classy When You're A Little Trashy

I'm 21 years old and often look like I belong living under a bridge somewhere in DTLA... I wish I could say this was only when I was hungover but sadly, there is no correlation. Someone once asked me if I felt the pressure to always dress fashionably since I work in the fashion world and the answer to this was absolutely not. When I need to glam, girl, I show up but when I need to crawl out of bed for class you BEST believe that it is grunge central. I have a few tips and trick to keep yourself still looking like you care even when you don't.



Here are some of my best tips to look put together when you are far from it.

1. Always have well manicured nails. We live in a beautiful modern age where gel nail polish exists and lasts for weeks. Having your nails done will make you feel like you have some order in your life even if the rest is an absolute wreck.

2. Have your hair done. Dry shampoo is your greatest best friend at this point in life. Learn to master a low bun or pony on those days where you don't have time for a blow out.

3. Grab a BB cream. It takes actually 2 seconds to smear a lotion across your face. A tinted BB cream will help smooth out your skin a bit without committing to putting on actual makeup.

4. Put on jewelry.  If you're ultimate lazy status like me you just never take it off. Having earrings and some rings on help me feel like I am somewhat a productive human in society even on the days.