10 Classic Movies You Need To Elevate Your Life (And Fashion)

Anyone who knows me knows that old movies are hands down my favorite. Every Sunday morning growing up was dedicated to the TCM channel and I have always been hooked since. The fashion, the language, the performances - its all just SO good. I have always felt such a connection to older times and the films are so refreshing. Here are some of my favorites that are worth the watch.


1. Breakfast At Tiffanys. This should be so obvious it hurts my soul, BUT you must watch. Most people love the references and photos but haven't seen the whole movie. Facing "the mean reds",  hints of prostitution, a nameless cat and 1960's NYC... what doesn't this movie tackle?! For real just stop reading now and go watch if you haven't seen this.


2. Singing in the Rain. I decided we are gonna take it slow as we approach some more random old films and this is a great place to start. Debbie Reynolds is as cute as a button and Gene Kelly is so talented that he got a 30 min random performance that is irrelevant to the rest on the film but somehow works (maybe?). Regardless this 1952 classic is the best way to start down the path of old musicals. 

3. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Now I'm just going to say, I'm not a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe and #tbh I find it pretty difficult to make it through any of her films (currently watching Some Like It Hot) but this one had me dying laughing the whole time. The music is fabulous and so are the outfits. A very clever storyline to say the least.

4. Top Hat. How can you go wrong with Ginger Rodgers and Fred Astaire? Their dancing through this film is actually magical. The costumes are breathtaking. Only preface is that this film does have black face - you have to take it with the times though. 

5. Monkey Business. So I lied when I said that I don't really watch any Marilyn movies because she makes a comeback in this film. TO BE FAIR, Cary Grant is the real reason I fell in love though. I could watch him all day long. Ginger Rodgers is also in it so I mean..... This movie is actually so unexpectedly funny and quirky. Rodgers and Grant both take on roles not typical to them as actors.

6. To Catch a Theif. If we are talking about drooling over classic movie fashion, look no further than Grace Kelly in this film. The scenery is to die for and so are her outfits. Cary Grant is also in this - making for one of the most beautiful on screen couples of all time. Kelly is just the definition of elegance and grace so it is hard to go wrong here. 


7. An Affair To Remember. Okay I'm sorry because I think this has just turned into a Brooke drooling over Cary Grant session. This is a classic though and it inspired the more modern film, Sleepless in Seattle (another one of my favorites). It is definetely the most heartbreaking out of all of these films but such a great one. 

8. How To Steal A Million. We are circling back to my main woman, Audrey Hepburn. This is another quirky film but SO so good. Audrey and Peter O'Toole are just the cutest on screen PLUS you get to see a little feisty side to miss Hepburn. Also.... the fashion is to die for. Thank God for Audrey Hepburn in films in the 60's.

9. Houseboat. Just when we thought we were moving away from Cary Grant, we are right back to oogling over him again. Although, this makes the list mostly because of Sophia Loren and her wardrobe. She is STUNNING (also kinda looks like Margot Robbie.. idk could be crazy) but her clothes and her jewelry will make you want to step up your style game - peep the gold dress.


10. How To Marry a Millionaire. I'm full of contradictions because Marilyn shows up yet again on this list. Co-staring with 2 other badass women, this is such a great movie. The fashion is incredible yet again along with some top notch 50's references. It takes place in NYC which will make you completely question why we every moved away from that time/place and culture. Yes this movie is kinda sorta centered around finding a husband but the women are spunky and admirably ambitious in their conquests.


So grab your girls, some wine and a cozy blankets and catch up on these classics.