3 Easy Fashion Tips

I think one of the most impressive skill set I have developed over my 21 years is when it comes to clothes. Specifically tips and tricks to be lazy and save yourself in emergency apparel situations. My time at Nordstrom, in show choir and deep youtube stalking has allowed me to grace you all with this information on how to avoid a disaster. 


1. Deodorant spots. Considering 49% of the clothes that I own are black (49% are white and 2% are a pattern) I fall victim to white smeared deodorant spots pretty much daily. Easiest hack for this is my rubbing the spot with the same fabric from a different part of your garment. I normally use the inside of my sleeve for it. Just a warning you will look a bit silly trying this but not as silly as deodorant all over you.

2. Skip the dryer. So remember when I mentioned I'm really lazy. Well I wasn't kidding - I wash all of my clothes together. I wash pretty much everything to be honest. I always do it cold and on the gentle setting for both the washer and dryer. TIP though - skip the dyer on your delicate sweaters or tops and throw them on a drying rack (or spare chair). Be lazy but don't be stupid pleaseeee. There are some things that you can't just wash (like wool, cashmere, silk ... etc.) so just keep an eye out.

3. Buy a lot of black and white. Well yes this might be a bit of a bias thing but I promise in a crisis when you need to rush out of the house or have pictures for something you will be thanking God that you can pull almost any 2 things out of your closet and it'll match. Buy classic pieces with interesting silhouettes and you will forever be good to go.