Making a Mindful Mindset

Hello, hello friends. Today we are tackling the idea of mindfulness so get ready. 

Do you frequently work on multiple tasks at once? Scroll through your phone while eating a meal? Text while watching a move? Think of your growing todo list while hanging out with friends and family? 

Ohh you do?.... You do all of these? - It's okay I do too. We are all f*cking up in the department of being mindful.

The reality is that we live in a time where we are expected to always be "on" and connected. We have notifications flying at us faster than we can handle and we are expected to always be the most productive that we can possibly be.  So what can we do to come back to this world and live in the present moment?

1. Notice your breathing. Whether you are going to sleep or trying to focus on work, take a moment to connect with your breaths. Just a minute or so of this an help center you to the now.

2. Count your bites as you chew. I know this sounds really bizarre, but I think one of the times we are the least mindful is while we eat. We are unaware of the food we are putting into our mouths and this can lead to over eating and a disconnect from the health of your body. When you start to notice, you start to care. 

3. Put your phone away. PLEASE. Just don't look at it unless you need to. When you wake up, turn off your alarm and don't look at it again for a while. When you are with friends, PUT IT AWAY. If you are sitting alone and uncomfortable, try looking around and noticing your surroundings. It is the best test for your own personal character - can you hold your own without a phone?

Now go be some mindful badasses!