Living Up To Your Fullest Potential

It is a totally normal to feel stuck and as though you are only functioning at a fraction of what you know you're capable of. I have been there many times - it happens. Priorities get confused or maybe you are at a growth point, regardless, it is time to reassess your life and upgrade that sh*t! Here are some tips and tricks that I use in order to be the best me that I can be.

1. Take care of your body and mind. This is pretty much the first and most important tip for all ways to improve your life. Think of personal growth as building blocks to greatness. You need a solid base in order to grow bigger and stronger. Make sure you are eating good food, getting exercise and taking some time to let your mind rest. The biggest secret to success is mediation. If you start the day by slowing down your mind, you are able to process things more clearly and increase your minds productivity all day.

2. Make lists of goals. Long term and short term goals are both crucial in living a life to its fullest potential. You will be more motivated to get up and create when you have clear goals you are working towards. When you have a solid vision of what you want your life to be, you begin to manifest it into reality through your hard work and determination. Hang your goals up somewhere that you'll see everyday and integrate them into your every thought and action. 

3. Let go of all the bullsh*t in your life. The drama with your friends/family/boys/socializing all needs to go. Clear allllllllll of the things in your life that are wastes of your energy. Stop spending every weekend and night binge watching Netflix, stop going out 4 nights a week, stop comparing yourselves to others. Not to say any of these things are bad but it is time to start putting yourself and your goals first. It can be hard when all your peers and friends are going out non stop or sucking you into their drama, but I promise you more than anything that if you spend 1/2 as much time on yourself as you do for others, you will be kicking ass at your life. 

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