Diving Into Discomfort

Only one month until I pack up my tiny college apartment and leave my campus for good. To be honest, I never thought this day would come. School has never been a perfect fit for me but being able to say I completed it with a degree in hand is liberating.

As this chapter comes to a close, I reflect on so many of my experiences here. The biggest one being how safe my life has been. There is a sense of comfort at this age. I am still supported by family, still have a team of professors and faculty there to pick me up if I fall. High stakes but extremely low risk. It is comfortable. It is a place of thousands of life minded, aged and experienced kids live together.


During a conversation with friends at my yoga studio, I realized how stuck I have been in my comfortable life. Yes, I am beyond lucky for all the opportunities my family has given me. But I have had the same daily routine for 4 years. The same people surrounding me everyday. I have had my nose to the ground with the intention to just simply MAKE IT THROUGH these last 4 years. Through this process of being careful, I completely lost the thrill that makes me love life. I lost the bit of rebellion and my craved adrenaline of experiencing something new.

2018 has been dedicated to building a foundation of values and lifestyle choices that I know will best serve me in the long run- a reset, if you will. This involved cutting a lot of toxicity in the people and habits I was surrounded with. It’s been a time dedicated to creation and exploration. One of the biggest habit changes I’ve had is saying a wild and excited “yes” to all newness that entered my life.


The funny thing about giving up everything and having nothing means you have nothing to lose and that anything is possible. The fear of failure is removed because there are endless possibility and no attachment to any particular results.

I can’t help but smile with such joy and excitement thinking about my next chapter of life. For the first time in SUCH a long time it feels like the possibilities are endless. I feel full of life and limitless.

The discomfort is the magical place where we are required to drop what we know and begin again. It is the place for creation to take place. It is the place to reimagine and realign. Becoming a YES for the discomfort and the change and most importantly, the GROWTH.

It seems pretty perfect that I graduate just in time for a new year to begin. And let’s just say, it’s going to be a great one.