Stomach Reset

For as long as I can remember I have dealt with stomach issues. When I was little I used to randomly feel like I was gonna throw up any time I ate. I was/am sensitive to a lot of food and stomach is always first to react. As I’ve gotten older I’ve discovered a lot of my triggers. For me, it was hard to really full know how much my gut was playing a role in other health issues until I really started to intentionally care for it. Some of the big symptoms were being bloated all the time, breakouts on my face, fuzzy brain and over all sluggish. Through a whole lot of trial and error I have finally figured a diet that works wonders for my body. These are some of the biggest things that have helped me.

  1. Switch to whole wheat/multi grain everything. I’ve always been a card loving feen and knew this definitely could be contributing to how shitty I felt. At first I thought maybe it was gluten triggered. I went gluten free and felt really great. After some research about gluten free ingredients, I decided to reincorporate gluten back into my diet through whole wheat pastas and breads. I felt the most amazing from this. Normally I would feel food just sit in my stomach for hours but I felt energized and satisfyingly full.

  2. Switch to all natural almond coffee creamer. HOLY wow this has made the biggest difference in my stomach. It is night and day from using this vs. normal dairy creamer. After normal creamer I am aware of my stomach and the fact I just chugged a cup of joe. With the almond milk, I don’t even give it a second thought and I feel great.

  3. Eat SO many veggies. I have been the pickiest eater my entire life especially when it comes to veggies. Fruits were much more my speed UNTIL the last 2 years or so. Now I can’t get enough spinach, kale, zucchini or green beans. I don’t mean to be dramatic but my body craves it now. Especially with some lemon and salt! I never feel as amazing as I do after this.

  4. Stomach massages before bed. It has revolutionized my night time routine. After a hot shower before bed, I will rub my belly for like 20min (aggressive I know but trust me when I say its the most relaxing). I use a hemp lotion with I like to believe also helps. I rub down towards my legs and big circles. It all started after I was doing research on lymphatic system massages and their ability to help with puffiness. After I finish I chug a glass of water + apple cider vinegar and head to sleep. The next morning my stomach is so much flatter and tighter with virtually no bloat.

  5. Fasting + graze food all day long. Another totally weird thing but my tummy does SO much better when I am snacking / eating small meals all day long than 3 big meals. I know people say breakfast is most important meal of the day but I always try to wait until 11-1pm to eat for the first time. After that I will eat small meals throughout the day - stopping at 7pm.

My healthy journey is still going every single day. All of these tips are just things that have worked for me. I also feel my best when I’m practicing hot yoga 5/6 days a week + added cardio. For the most part I eat completely clean and incorporate very minimal processed snacks (but sometimes thats unrealistic). I’ve learned that the most important thing to health is listening and understanding your own body and it’s needs. For example, I could never go keto because my body does not agree well with high fat diets.

XO and I hope we are all living our best tummy days from here on out!