Bet On Yourself

Greetings world! I write to you as a college graduate. Yes you have absolutely heard me correctly - I have finished the tedious 4 years that are college. Anyone that knew me during that time could tell you that I spent every minute of those 4 years DREAMING about not having to be in school any longer. It wasn’t that school was challenging to me, in fact, it was the opposite. I found it all to be a bit too easy which caused a lot of restlessness. To be clear here - I am talking strictly academics… there were a whole lot of other “challenges” I faced BUT we will get into that another time ;)


Over the last month I have desperately tried to adjust to the idea I’m not going back to that life anymore. I signed on for a job that I worked for over the summer and seemingly “had a plan”. I would be at home and I would work to save money because OBVIOUSLY money and security are the most important aspects of post grad life. Even during my final semesters the big question was always “what are post grad plans?” I think it is natural to want to have a set plan when going through such a big change. It makes the transition seem easier and more understandable. The fear of the unknown is what paralyzes so many of us - almost more than the fear of wasting 4 years and not securing a post grad job.

Now, I am still no expert on navigating post college, but I can tell you one thing I have been reminded of through all this - bet on yourself.

Bet On Yourself. Know your worth and how you want your life to look and chase it relentlessly. Even though I am still not confident with my exact career path, I have learned to LET GO of the things that don’t fit or make me feel good. Add a bit of Marie Kondo to every part of your life. Look at your career, your friends, your relationships and truly ask yourself “does this make me happy?” “do I feel like I’m the best me?” and if the answer is “no” then, make a change. I hate to say it but it really is that simple. When you get extremely clear about what you deserve on a happiness level, it becomes much easier to say goodbye to the things that no longer serve you. And listen, IT IS SELFISH…. and that is okay sometimes.

Create opportunities for yourself. I recently just gave up a paycheck every week because I started to hate every single moment and knew it was not for me. I am VERY aware that this is a luxury and that I have a family to support me. Part of the reason my parents are so comfortable with helping me (temporarily) is that they know I love work. The idea of building a career was one of the main reasons I didn’t want to go to college in the first place. I am a firm believer that if you know what you want to do, you can either hope to find someone to hire you to do it or PLOT TWIST - you find a way to do it yourself. When you are coming from a place of passion, you will always find a way to make things happen for yourself. There is no “right/correct” way to do things - despite what a lot of people might tell you. It is incredible what doors you can open for yourself by trusting yourself and making decisions that reflect that.

Happiness is your responsibility. It is a choice. And a choice that only you can make. Find the things and people that bring you joy and do everything you can to surround yourself with that energy. Yes, it might be a lonely for a bit. It might be scary to enter the unknown by releasing something that no longer serves you. But I can tell you that even in the last week after quitting my job I feel so much more joy and freedom. It feels SO good to pursue happiness. When you’re cultivating happy, you will always find a way. There really is no other option.


So go forth in life trusting yourself and ALWAYS bet on yourself. If you won’t who the f*ck will?

What will you do this week to cultivate more joy in your life?

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